Replacement of the front struts Peugeot 407. Replacement of the front stabilizer bar Peugeot 407

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Lushinkova Gunda
You have golden hands!
to make a shotgun exhaust
Asad Moisaev
it would be more pleasant to work with a clean car)
Chot not a single subscriber, I will be the first).
Hi! Can you tell me how to remove the crankshaft sensor?
I have already driven 230,000 and there are no problems with the suspension. and for the record, they have to walk tight, and the one that comes back easily is the one who is tryndets.
What is the support bearing?
It turns out great)Already success and progress on the face in comparison, so that now) And what color will it be?)
advertising ..., a 20-minute video, advertising for half an hour (.
from the end, where the nut is screwed, there is a special recess for the hexagon. so this 'round shit' can be a normal TRW type rack (which is exactly how the stable rack is unscrewed), which, like the lemferder, are the original.
Natusik Tyurnikova
What nonsense, you can squeeze two crowbars.Well, she didn't play the tower for you.
I burst into tears Really a car is a car that's exactly this machine is a car!
Mushnyan Brat
667...maybe 670???)
40000km develop this suspension is gamno. I thought the suspension was the worst on Tavria.
Bolotkin Feruz
Instructive vidos. About the racks and wipers! You need to remove the wipers, remove the plastic protection to hold on to two bugs, then unscrew the wiper motor and unscrew all the bolts holding the metal bath, take it out and now you can unscrew the racks. For the whole process of replacing the racks, I had 1h.10 experience in this. Good luck guys, there is nothing complicated!
Leonchik Zhurnaev
Well done!Moscow is with you!Laikosik, and tell the prices.)
I do not advise linx racks. they are certainly not expensive, but that's something else. Better... take it, you won't lose.
Grievz Kadir
After such a repair, is the collapse of convergence necessary or not?
... Chinese, with their own...
like that ... the sun is vile, and there are eight under it) 
He did not say how much the car with the new springs lifted
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